Current Projects

Emulation as a Service Infrastructure (EaaSI)

A Mellon and Sloan funded distributed emulation network that allows for in-browser access to emulated systems.

Interactive Projects File Format Analysis

A longitudinal analysis of 14TB of interactive project backup data gathered from a 20-year period at Carnegie Mellon's Entertainment Technology Center.

Visualization of an Interactive Project Development Backup

Using various methods to visualize the contents of a large collection of interactive project backups

Flash Preservation in the Wild

An ongoing study of the effects of Adobe Flash discontiuation and community preservation efforts.

Game and Interactive Software Scholarship Toolkit (GISST)

The GISST program allowed for the executable citation of computing run-times.

Interlisp/Medley was the first mouse driven GUI interface. SHFT associates are helping with documentation and testing of an emulator for Interlisp.

Game Metadata and Citation Project Controlled Vocabularies (GAMECIP)

GAMECIP was a multi-year IMLS-funded investigation of metadata needs and citation practices surrounding computer games in instititutional collections.

Past Projects