Interactive Projects File Format Analysis

Based on a generous act by the Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) at Carnegie Mellon University, this project's goal is the characterization and exploration of an 18TB data set of all ETC's past projects. ETC is a world-leading interactive arts program, with students completing prototypical projects for a range of CMU-local, non-profit, and industry clients. ETC provided SHFT with a back up of their projects to see if there are ways to leverage historical project data for current projects, and to provide a more engaging history of the program for their current students.

As noted below, there are currently two publications on the project. SHFT's summer undergraduate research fellowship (SURF) cohort worked with this dataset through summer 2021. Their efforts formed the basis for continued investigations of the data through SHFT's complementary data visualization project.

The ETC analysis organized a "content profile" of around 10 million files in the dataset, which derived file format metadata from the larger collection. The metadata is now searchable through a local MySQL (and SQLite) instance.