The Software History Futures and Technologies (SHFT) Group was founded by Dr. Eric Kaltman in 2019 as a unified configuration for his research work and those of his students at California State University Channel Islands (CI). The group's work, due to its interdisciplinary nature, is usually conducted with collaborators at CI and other institutions.


Mailing Address

Office: Solano Hall Rm 2171
Lab: Solano Hall Rm 2166

California State University Channel Islands
1 University Drive
Camarillo, CA 93012

On the official CSUCI map the group is located in Solano Hall. The lab space is located across the hall from Dr. Kaltman's office.

Email Address

shft AT csuci.edu

Design and Implementation Of This Site

This website is hosted from CI's data center on a dedicated server controlled by the group. It is a complete rewrite of a fork of D. Allan Drummond's Drummond Lab, which is itself a fork of Trevor Bedford's Bedford Lab site. I used this fork as the base for a full revision of the site.

The site uses Sass for stylesheets, Eleventy for site generation, and Bootstrap for reactive design features. The main motivation for using Eleventy is that the website itself is a set of static HTML pages, which are easier to maintain and align with the philosophy of minimal computing. The goal is to spare excessive CPU cycles and unnecessary I/O operations as the site is easily cached and easy to preserve.

In the spirit of my website progenitors, please feel free to make use of this site's source to construct your lab's site.